Ksenia Plisova

  • Ksenia Plisova (Siberia, 1990) works with found images, textile elements, and post-internet culture that are a creation of combinable items from social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. These collageable components in Pilsova’s work all feature the blending of the social and political, with a mixture of the exaltation individual self.

    The work commissioned for “Be blinded by an inner light” (exhibition by PILproject at DCA), Ksenia Pilsova is concerned with the latest Russian political scandal’s central figure: Sergei Roldugin. Sergei a business man as well as a professional cellist musician, is seen as the right hand of Vladimir Putin’s money laundering strategies, which was something that came to light after the releases of the Panama Papers. 

    The symbol of the cello is used by Plisova to create a harmonic and disrupted narrative of the illicit govern scandal.