Nicholas Cage is a star, a celebrity, an Internet icon and, most of the time, an actor.
He was born in Long Beach, California, 1964. With the voluminous filmography of more than 70 titles on his back, Cage is always surrounded by lights and shadows according to the cinematographic value of his films and productions.

In order to erase his familiar links with Francis Ford Coppola, he changed his name in the early years of the career to Nicholas Cage, inspired by his favourite Marvel superhero, Luke Cage.

Unfortunately, Welles or Capra’s  “Golden Age” has run out, and the conception of superstar and actor in the current Hollywood can be utterly represented by Cage, with millions of dollars in properties overseas ( e.g. castles in Germany and Islands in the Pacific), and legal troubles for several public scandals, domestic violence or reckless driving. Meme was already addressed in the 90’s as a branding strategy and Cage is determinant example.

The use of his image on Internet platform has reached extremely high levels since 2004, when first jokes about his critic failed performance in “Winker Man” (1987) flooded the net.

Tones of memes came up as a water fall, finding his over expressionism and exaggeration a gorgeous material to make fun and critic of Hollywood Industry, throughout his exhilarating public personality. Also an unavoidable information is that his technique was named by him as “Nouveau Shamanic”, greeting the idea to write a book about it.

Regarding Cage’s self-consciousness as meme image, he argues: "The Internet has developed this thing about me and I'm not even a computer guy, you know? I don't know why it is happening.”

On the one hand, we have this personality features (faces, movements, gestures…) which can be a clue to understand how his scenes, full of epic, have been spread all around and they have created this infinity legacy.

On the other hand, a certainly sensation of unconsciousness still remains after tracking his Internet public process.

The latter brings us to re-think the idea of erecting folklore agreement, besides the flow and tempo of the network. However, network concept is not enough to explain this phenomena. Quoting Bruno Latour “The word network is too ambiguos, we should abandoned it long ago”.

Anyway, Nicholas Cage is an unlimited meme source because…