Putin Rides Ahmadinejad

Ahjmadinejad, current president of Iran, is well know for his fanatic speech and lack of agreement with USA and UN. This situation is mainly due to Iran's nuclear program and has forced Iran to find international relations out of the "NATO world". Traditionally, countries out of each homeland side were pressured to join any of them during the Cold War, a situation that's finally not so far.

The serie of memes "Putin rides" takes an image appeared in August, 2007 as its starting point. This image belongs to a set of photos shot during the president's summer holidays in Jakasia Republic. The photos were taken by Putin's personal photographer, part of his personal assistance team that's always accompanying the president daily .

The coverage of Putin's personal life is obviously a modeling of the president's public image and part of a sharp planning of Putin's social acceptance, however endlessly disclaimed by his spokesmen.

Putin took russian presidency in year 2000 and there are expectations for him to keep in charge till ear 2025. He appeared as the average russian man in clear opposition to Yeltsin's (his predecessor) degraded image. The media the party is publishing is suspicious of associating the traditional leadership values according to a patriarchal totalitarian power structure and supporting the very unhealthy relation between political power and religion in Russia.

Root image for the later reconfigurations shows Putin riding a horse with naked chest, an attitude clearly connected to dominance, patriarchy, ability,… even to freudian sexual theories of admiration, how to make an icon out of a man. All this symbolism is actually understood by the online community and subverted as the serie parodies these attributes transforming Putin into a kind of outlaw, a man above good and evil, that can do his will no matter what it is.


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